Cameras are everywhere today. Constantly snapping moments in time. It feels amazing when that perfect photo is taken. The photo that captures the exact feeling felt at that moment, especially pictures of yourself or loved ones. Thanks to technology, photos have been made incredibly easy to create & enhance. Currently, it’s difficult to compare some photos taken with a high end camera or photos taken with the newest iPhone camera. The quality is that good. It’s possible to do a complete photo-shoot with a phone camera. But where the phone cameras lack is where high end photography begins. Phone cameras are great at catching up close shots like selfies. But there are times you don’t want a camera or phone in your face and you still want detailed photos with rich colors. For instance, an intimate moment with a loved one or a group shot where you can see everyone clearly or maybe you want to take a photo without the camera person’s shadow or reflection. What we all “shoot" for is the perfect shot. A photo we can stare at for hours reliving that moment or creating our own story of that image. We’ve heard all our lives that “A picture is worth a thousand words” but a great picture is like a well-crafted motivational speech.


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